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Name:Michael Knight
In September of 1982, Michael Long, an undercover Las Vegas police officer was betrayed and gunned down in the middle of the Nevada desert by Tanya Walker. The bullet had entered point blank into his forehead striking a metal plate (recieved from a wound while serving in the United States Army ), ricocheting off and exiting from his face causing severe damage. Wilton Knight, founder of the Foundation for Law And Government saw this as an opportunity to help himself and Long. In the meantime, Wilton had Michael at the Knight Medical Centre already in the operating room after narrowly rescuing him from death in the cold, desolate Nevada desert.

Month's later Long awoke, to find that he had been injured, immobilzed, and his identity changed without his consent. At that time Wilton Knight's health had deteriorated, so on his death bed, he told Michael of his dream to protect the innocent, the helpless, and to catch the ones that operate above the law. Wilton Knight's last words to Michael were "My adventure has ended, but your's has just begun. One man can make a difference MIchael, and you are going to be that man."

After Wilton dies, Michael demands that Devon Miles give him his car and let him go, to find the people that had set him up and attempted to murder him. Devon does so with one exception, that Michael takes the Knight Industries Two Thousand with him, of course it was not Devon's decision to do so, it was a request of Wilton Knight. Michael left with the Knight Industries Two Thousand and captured the people who had tried to murder him. And so began the journey of a man who does not exist.


[Michael Knight is not mine. He is from the tv series Knight Rider and belongs to Glen A. Larson. No profit is being made from any of this. And this journal is used strictly for roleplaying and my own entertainment. Mun and muse 18+]
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